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Specialist Editing For Muslim Content

I would 100% recommend Bluebottle Editorial Services for her prompt communication, detailed feedback, keen and thorough work, and amiable personality.” 

—Tamara Haque, author of Mighty Muslim Heroes series


A perfectly written piece should allow your reader to connect with your intended message and to invest in you as an author. Therefore, your writing needs to be free from errors, consistent, and accessible.

I know how to break down the barriers in content, that are holding you from creating that perfect written piece. I am invested in showcasing your seriousness as a writer.

My Services

Line Editing

Line editing is working at the sentence and paragraph level to ensure that content is written in the best possible way for its intended audience. Line editors can rewrite text to make sure there is good flow and the author’s message is clear.


Copyediting is checking a manuscript to ensure consistency in style and content. It is an in-depth review of the manuscript to improve its readability and flow, all the while, preserving the writer’s unique voice.


Proofreading is the final step in the editing process. It is a detailed surface check to make sure that the copy is error-free and is ready to publish.

As an entrepreneur, I appreciate the spirit and determination it takes to share your work. Thus, I will approach your work with the professionalism, empathy, and transparency that you deserve. 

I’m Zulaikha, founder and creator of Bluebottle Editorial Services.

I believe in finding the courage to discover and follow your passions.

This is the mindset that gave me the confidence to quit my full-time job in Banking, to learn and study the art of editing. I completed the High-Level Proofreading Pro accreditation by Edit Republic and subsequently created Bluebottle Editorial Services. Since, I have added line editing to my skill set to offer Muslim writers a more comprehensive service.

In some ways, I have naturally gravitated towards working on Muslim content because of my Muslim identity. However, it is also very much a conscious decision. Muslim heritage and history are so vast, that I believe there is inspiration there for everyone to take from. Bluebottle Editorial Services was created to help Muslim writers refine and polish their text, to make it ready to share with the world.

I have experience working on a variety of Muslim writing including children’s stories, academic manuscripts, and poetry.

I understand that there are nuances and detailed technicalities specific to Muslim content and writing, which often require special care and attention. As a Muslim editor, you can be confident that I will approach your work with the Islamic knowledge and editorial skills to preserve your message and elevate your writing.

I would love to collaborate with you. Tell me more about your next project!

“Simply the best service we have had in this field of work”


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