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A Tailored Muslim Editing Service To Serve Your Creative Flair

The Bluebottle Philosophy:

I believe that a client approaches with their manuscript, as well as, their hopes and dreams in that manuscript. I understand that you as my client have trusted me with a copy that you have not yet put out into the world. Therefore, my goal is to create an inclusive environment; one in which you can openly discuss YOUR goals and intentions.

My approach to each individual piece of work is simple. I appreciate that every client is unique; therefore, your work also has its own unique requirements. As your editor, I will analyse your copy to create a style sheet and word list tailored specifically to your writing. This will help me preserve your voice as the author. After I have completed editing your work, I will be available for you to raise any queries that you may have regarding the edited copy.

Hi, I’m Zulaikha, Proofreader And Copyeditor

Detailing my academic education here I feel is not relevant; however, what I would like to express is that throughout my humanities studies, my true pleasure lay in the editorial process. I found great contentment in rereading, restructuring, rewording, and tweaking the written word to produce a more thorough and eloquent piece of writing.

This is the seed from which my editorial journey stems.



One of my long-standing and greatest passions is learning about Islamic history. During my undergraduate degree in History and Master’s degree in Medieval History, I was fortunate enough to study and research aspects of Muslim history that intrigued me the most. Subjects that interested me the most were Muslim empires and the link between religion and state.


I wholeheartedly believe in the power of new experiences in shaping an individual; therefore, one of my greatest joys is travelling the world. The ultimate goal is to take my work and proofread and edit from anywhere there is an internet connection!


My hours are consumed by my energetic and kind-hearted toddler. As a stay-at-home mom, I am blessed with the opportunity to experience the fun bits, as well as, the messy difficult parts. However, my favourite aspect is watching his personality blossom.