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Proofreading And Copyediting: The Key Points

When I started my editorial journey, an area that confused me the most was the different levels of editing. When completing work for a client, I often found myself referring back to course workbooks and modules to check exactly which tasks as an editor, I had been hired to complete! Though this wasn’t an ideal

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The Importance Of Mindset When Starting Something New

Self-doubt can make progress stagnant and crush dreams. Whether you’re a best-selling author, an experienced doctor, or a world-renowned singer, we all at times doubt our abilities. Therefore, it’s no surprise that as we embark on a new project, the fear of failure and feelings of imposter syndrome are more exaggerated than ever. 

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What To Look For In An Editor

I am not an author. However, I do feel that as a new business owner, I can relate to the vulnerability and often awkwardness that an author feels when first sharing their work. An editor is one of the first people that you trust with your manuscript; therefore, it is helpful to know what you should look out for when searching for an editor to work on your copy.

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Imposter Syndrome: My Experience & How I Deal With It

My Experience

I can begin by giving you a textbook definition of Imposter Syndrome; however, I will spare you that because I know Google is more than adequate for that. Nevertheless, I do want to give you an insight into my experience of

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The Importance Of A Properly Edited & Proofread Copy

As a business owner, I understand the temptation to keep all tasks in-house. When I set out to create a logo for my proofreading and copyediting business, I drew up an exact sketch of what I wanted my logo to look like; however, somewhere along the process I realised that I do not know the first thing about creating a professional logo.

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My Reflections On Ramadan With A Young Child

My first Ramadan as a mother came as a surprise to me. Before the month started, I was aware that my productivity levels during the month will be lower than previous ones. Nevertheless, I did not envision the month to be like it was. I had no free time to dedicate to extra prayers and reciting the Quran, the exhaustion from the night before

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When Business Is Slow As A Freelancer

I have been planning on writing this blog for about a week now and every time I have sat down to do so, I have been the queen of procrastination—I have made the excuse that there’s always a task that is more of a priority than this one. I realise that this is primarily because I have been so busy in the past few weeks (working on proofreading and copyediting projects) that my mind

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Tips To Battle Parental Burnout: My Experience

Anyone can experience symptoms of burnout, but I feel that it’s so common for parents and it isn’t talked about enough. We just take it as part and parcel of the role and often feel guilty for experiencing it. I’m just a Muslim editor, not a mental health practitioner; however, I would like to share my two cents’ worth

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When Is Your Work Ready For A Copyedit Or Proofread?

I’m writing this blog because as a Muslim editor, I have noticed that I have been receiving a lot of queries from authors who would like a copyedit and proofread of their work. However, after reviewing the manuscript, I have noticed that it’s not quite ready for a copyedit or proofread.

There are four stages to the editing process

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What Is Line Editing?

I have previously mentioned in one of my blogs that I will be expanding my services to include line editing. This will allow me to serve those Muslim writers who are happy with the plot, themes, and characters in their story, but are still not quite ready for their work to be copyedited or proofread. This is where line editing comes in.

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Balancing Motherhood And Entrepreneurship: My Tips On Productivity

During Ramadan, I wound down my business work even though it wasn’t an intentional decision. It was the product of exhaustion due to running around after a toddler whilst fasting. So, I put on hold all but essential business work and focused on the blessed month. However, now that Ramadan has come to an end, I feel like I need a refresher

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