Imposter Syndrome: My Experience And How I Deal With It

woman covering face while reading book in nature

My Experience

I can begin by giving you a textbook definition of Imposter Syndrome; however, I will spare you that because I know Google is more than adequate for that. Nevertheless, I do want to give you an insight into my experience of Imposter Syndrome and what helps me overcome these feelings.

I’ve dealt with Imposter Syndrome my whole life; however, it is only recently that I have been able to label those feelings as Imposter Syndrome. I first came across the term when reading Becoming by Michelle Obama and it prompted me to think of my own experience with these feelings. Since starting a new career as a Muslim proofreader and copyeditor, I’ve noticed that these feelings of Imposter Syndrome have been heightened. So, for me, Imposter Syndrome is a constant worry that I am going to trip up and be caught out as a phony. It’s a feeling of not belonging in the current circles that I frequent; these feelings of being inadequate are exacerbated when coming across other professionals in the industry who have been doing this for longer than me.

After going through periods of allowing these feelings to affect my mood and productivity, I learnt that there are methods to overcome them. I share with you below my tips to work through Imposter Syndrome.

Three Tips To Help

  • I remind myself that I have attained success through my own efforts, time, and perseverance. This forces me to remember my own abilities and strengths; something that Imposter Syndrome causes me to doubt.
  • I force myself to make progress even if it’s small. I find that doing even the smallest task towards a bigger goal prevents me from becoming stagnant in my work.
  • I take the time to learn new things and expand my knowledge on areas of work that are new to me. I have started allocating time daily to build on my knowledge and skills as a proofreader and copyeditor. Therefore, if I feel inadequate as a professional, I remind myself that it is impossible to not know everything, and that I am continuously learning in my journey.

To say that these tips have got rid of my Imposter Syndrome, simply isn’t true. But they do act as valuable tools to stop myself from being consumed by these feelings.