What Is Line Editing?

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I have previously mentioned in one of my blogs that I will be expanding my services to include line editing. This will allow me to serve those Muslim writers who are happy with the plot, themes, and characters in their story, but are still not quite ready for their work to be copyedited or proofread. This is where line editing comes in. It falls between developmental editing and copyediting in the editing process.

This blog is written to provide a brief introduction to line editing, so that you can understand how line editing may be useful to you as a writer of Muslim content.

The Job Of A Line Editor

Line editors work at the sentence and paragraph level to ensure that the content is written in the best possible way for its intended audience. They aim to ensure that the message is clear, the flow is not interrupted, and the tone is correct for the target audience.

Line editors work on fixing specific issues in content such as:

  • Unsuitable tone
  • Redundant/empty words and phrases
  • Repetition
  • Inconsistent use of active and passive voice
  • Unparallel sentences.

Unlike copyeditors, line editors can rewrite text to make sure there is good flow and the author’s message is clear. Like copyeditors, line editors always work to preserve the writer’s voice and style through their edits.  

I am really looking forward to expanding my services to include line editing. If you have had a look at my about section, you will know that one of the most enjoyable aspects of my academic education was reviewing my essays to make sure they are written in the best possible way for the audience.

I hope you found this intro to line editing helpful.

I am looking to have the new service on my website in the coming weeks, in sha Allah!